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Welcome to SMSO Permanent Nidhi Ltd.

SRIMAN MADHWA SIDHANANTHAONNAHINI PERMANENT NIDHI LIMITED also known as S M S O is established in the year 1881 by eminent personalities to cultivate the habit of thrift among the members. Since, its inception the Nidhi has changed its name as Bank to fall in the line with the, then rule of law of the Government.

The establishment has converted into a Nidhi company governed under the Companies Act, 1956 in the year 1965 as per the Government Rules and since then it is continuing its business activities under the above name to serve its members at large.

The Nidhi has opened outside its registered office in Triplicane, Chennai 600 005, its First Branch at Ashok Nagar in the year 1990 and at present it is having 24 branch offices in Tamil Nadu to serve its members in various locations.

It is needless to mention that the expansion of business/branches has taken place purely on the support received from all our shareholders, who have all contributed by reposing their faith in our functioning and business activities.

The Nidhi is managed by professionals drawn from various fields and they are all working as Honorary Board Members, having integrity in their public life and doing impeccable service to our shareholders/customers.

The customers/shareholders satisfaction is our prime priority while extending our various services, whether it relates to our loan products like, Jewel Loan, Mortgage Loan or in accepting of Deposits and extending locker facilities.

There is a quite number of trained, motivated, talented employees, who have all put their energy and efforts to serve our customers with courtesy to enhance our business prospects.

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coin Balance Sheet of our Nidhi for the year ended 31st March 2017 is uploaded.
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SMSO Permanent Nidhi Limited,
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Phone : 044 2844 5084 / 2844 5422 /
               044 2844 2139
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